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25 Feb 2020

Tag: APOS 2016


TV encounter without time constraints – Cheong Shin Keong 

As a continuation of achievement of the myTV platform, TVB’s OTT broadcast business is expected to further enrich both the genre and quantity of the present programme pool. TVB’s Cheong Shin Keong, Executive Director and General Manager ensures a provision of diverse, convenient and high quality personalised TV encounter where entertainment programmes worldwide will be incorporated into the OTT broadcast service platform. K. Dass reports from APOS, Bali.


One on one with Reed Hastings 

Netflix has pledged to spend US$6 billion on content this year at the Asia-Pacific Video Operators Summit (APOS) in Bali. Its co-founder and CEO, Reed Hastings said, “There’s an incredible opportunity for us if we can produce the right content. We have a very broad range of consumers, and a very broad range of content. This ability to match people with the content that they like best is very important to the system, and has been from the very beginning. It’s a huge area of investment for us.” K. Dass reports from APOS, Bali.