What is your strategy for Asia? Is it similar to any other region – why?

We are only 100 days into our launch in Asia (as of APOS). Just like everywhere else in the world where we have launched, our early adopters have always been consumers who are digitally-connected, tech-savvy, have smartphones and an iTunes account. We want to win subscribers through the quality of our content and our technology. Firstly, our exclusive content is a key differentiator. Our top priority is to continue to educate and share the joy of the Netflix experience with our audiences in Asia.

We have something for everyone. For example, Bloodline; for mystery or thriller fans, Good Morning Call – our very first Japanese original content; for j-drama fans, kids content like BEAT BUGS; an animated series inspired by the songs of The Beatles; family sitcoms like Fuller House; the excitement of Marvel’s Daredevil; and even award-winning documentaries like What happened, Miss Simone?, just to name a few from the library.

Then, there is technology that is making a key difference for consumers through the experience and control that they have with Netflix. Consumers like the fact that we offer a flat-fee with unlimited viewing, commercial-free experience and they are able to seamlessly cancel anytime without commitments. They can watch as many as they want, anytime and anywhere via any internetconnected screen. They can play, pause and resume watching on some 1,000 devices. There are settings for parental controls, language, playback, bandwidth settings and more for a peaceful experience.

The Asian OTT landscape is suddenly swarming with so many players. Do you foresee tough competition?

We are all competing for our consumers’ time. So rather than watching Netflix, someone could be reading, playing video games, or dining out. Ultimately, we have to deliver a product and content that makes Netflix the easy choice over something else. That is why; we remain focused on making our service better — better personalisation, better streaming, better movies and TV shows. It’s up to us to win that moment when people decide what to do with their time.

Many operators / broadcasters are dying to partner Netflix. But, what are your prerequisites to shoulder an associate in Asia?