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24 Feb 2020

Tag: Reed Hastings


One on one with Reed Hastings 

Netflix has pledged to spend US$6 billion on content this year at the Asia-Pacific Video Operators Summit (APOS) in Bali. Its co-founder and CEO, Reed Hastings said, “There’s an incredible opportunity for us if we can produce the right content. We have a very broad range of consumers, and a very broad range of content. This ability to match people with the content that they like best is very important to the system, and has been from the very beginning. It’s a huge area of investment for us.” K. Dass reports from APOS, Bali.


Netflix lands in Asia 

The global on-demand Internet television service Netflix finally made its highly anticipated debut in Singapore and many other parts in Asia. No matter how reasonable it’s priced, television buffs, including those who already access the U.S. version via a virtual private network (VPN) appear to be mixed. K. Dass investigates the arrival of the universal Internet TV network.