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17 Feb 2020

Category: Features

Producing opportunities in Asia 

The Asian TV and film industry has been gaining international recognition. Young producers and businesses are breaking into the scene with titles that are capturing eyeballs across the world. But what are the opportunities available in this unpredictable market? Cheryl Soh examines the scene.

Asia-Pacific Making Growth Waves 

The pay-TV ecosystem is reshaping in the Asia-Pacific region with the proliferation of new content, technology, social media, changing consumer expectation, government regulation, licensing and shift in advertising dollar. Yet, there is a potpourri of creative content and talent exploding in the region with government grants and incentives to inspire. This is certainly a new golden age for TV, with more and better programming being produced than ever before, both internationally and locally. As with subscription TV’s continued growth in the region, there are still challenges. Initiatives to improve pay-TV measurement in the region are critical as K. Dass examines the regions’ development in creativity and pay-TV growth.