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06 Apr 2020

Category: Features

To UHD and Beyond 

KOBA 2017 – the 27th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment show kicked off in Seoul this
May. With the appropriate theme “To UHD and Beyond”, 4K production is the new broadcasting standard that’s
already generating serious interest from producers. Netflix’s prestigious and hugely popular House of Cards won a
Cinematography Emmy and it was no coincidence that it was shot in 4K. K. Dass examines the state of play.

It’s Showtime on AXN 

Record-breaking Asia’s Got Talent returns to AXN for Season Two this October. “Asia’s Got Talent is an incredible
platform to showcase the region’s emerging talent and given AXN’s enormous reach and influence in Asia, it’s
an ideal match. We look forward to discovering the region’s hidden performers and catapulting them to global
stardom,” said Virginia Lim, SVP and Head of Content, Production and Marketing at Sony Pictures Television
Networks, Asia. K. Dass reports.

More TV viewers in India than entire Europe 

Community watching is in the DNA, and this is across urban and rural India. Globally, the average daily TV viewing is 3 hours 14 minutes. In developed markets such as Europe and the Middle East, the daily TV viewing average is as high as 3 hours 54 minutes. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with rising disposable incomes, access to TV increasing and more and more channels coming up every day, India has an average daily viewing time of 3 hours 16 minutes. India has more than 800 channels today. This growth was all round: news, music, lifestyle, food, travel, science, fashion, movies, dramas, films and, of course, English entertainment channels. There has been no looking back since. Today, there are around 826 channels across various genres covering all regions of India. K. Dass reports.

Asian Satellite 

Some content providers are moving away from satellites in favour of OTT distribution. However, looking at Asia as a prime example, satellites still wins out in terms of its capability to provide coverage where fibre cannot reach or has not yet penetrated.

Local content drives traffic 

Across all platforms, local content still rules according to Craig Johnson, Managing Director-Media at Nielsen. But he also cautioned that brands are seated in the driver’s seat. My primary role is to comprehend today’s technology and examine how Nielsen could implement measurement services to broadcasters, OTT providers and pay-TV operators. At Nielsen we look at people, which is what we call the ‘watch-side’. So, our job is to unite ‘what people watch, what people buy’ and bring these information together statistically to provide data to advertisers and brand owners. K. Dass reports.

Global satellite feed 

STN has done it all in the satellite world. It offers end to end service solutions for all broadcasting and media requirements. STN’s range of expertise is diverse, enabling the company to facilitate single channel start-ups as well as transmit multiple toptier direct-to-home satellite platforms, while serving everything in between. STN’s CEO, Andrej Lovsin shares his vision with K. Dass.