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07 Jun 2020

Tag: UHD

To UHD and Beyond 

KOBA 2017 – the 27th Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment show kicked off in Seoul this
May. With the appropriate theme “To UHD and Beyond”, 4K production is the new broadcasting standard that’s
already generating serious interest from producers. Netflix’s prestigious and hugely popular House of Cards won a
Cinematography Emmy and it was no coincidence that it was shot in 4K. K. Dass examines the state of play.


Via Satellite events 

Asia provides ample market place for satellites to perform at their utmost best. This is home to millions of savvy technology pioneers and a living showcase of some of the most deep-rooted savvy traditions. The deployment of satellites has assisted in bringing communication opportunities to overcome geographical challenges to extend their coverage to inaccessible areas.