Discovery Japan GK announces that it will enter into a local partnership with Save the Children Japan, an international NGO that advocates for the welfare of children, to officially commence support in Japan. It is aligned with Discovery’s global “RISE” (Reducing Inequality and Supporting Empowerment) initiative, which includes emergency support during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to the three major domestic initiatives of Save the Children Japan, “Prevention of Child Abuse”, “End Child Poverty” and its “Domestic Emergency Program”, Discovery Japan will assist with emergency support for COVID-19. This includes emergency support that provide after-school childcare. While measures have been taking to prevent the coronavirus disease, these businesses have been continuing to provide childcare while working on child safety and infection prevention. As a global leader in real life entertainment, Discovery will utilize its experience in program production, TV broadcasting, digital video distribution, etc. to support Save the Children Japan with the production of educational videos for Japanese children and their parents. In addition, Discovery Japan plans to provide various other types of emergency support and opportunities for fundraising and volunteering by its employees.

In response to COVID-19 over the past few months, Discovery Japan offered free airing of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet on a certain CS broadcasting service for a limited time/hours in March and distributed one-month free coupons for a video streaming service Dplay to families with kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school children during the national school closures in Japan.

In June 2019, Discovery globally announced to launch the “RISE” initiative, powered by a new partnership with Save the Children to build a society in which everyone has access to basic human needs with an emphasis on education programs. Spearheaded by Discovery’s local offices, “RISE” has been developing various programs that have targeted 10M people in 22 nations most in need using localized PSAs and take-action websites to encourage viewer participation. In addition to these global efforts, Discovery will now provide specific, detailed support in Japan.

Discovery will leverage its network, the world’s largest covering more than 200 countries and territories, to support the “RISE” initiative globally, and now in Japan, by continuing to collaborate with Save the Children.