UK distributor Argonon International is launching Ready or Not, a unique new comedy entertainment format at MIPTV.

Produced by UK production company Remedy Productions, the 30-minute family entertainment show debuts on BBC One in a Saturday access primetime slot on March 31.


A new hybrid format that combines a hidden camera prank show with a playalong game, Ready or Not offers a hilarious, fast-paced twist to the traditional gameshow concept. Instead of inviting contestants to a studio, the show goes out to them, ambushing unsuspecting members of the public as they go about their daily business – absolutely anytime and anywhere!


Fronted by a whole team of hosts on location around the country, every episode is comprised of comedy game segments, each beginning with a surprise moment, where an unsuspecting member of the public suddenly becomes part of the show. They then must answer quiz questions for the chance to win cash… right there and then!


You never know when and where one of the hosts will appear – they might pop through the middle of a couple’s table in a crowded restaurant, host an entire gameshow in a car park lift or make visitors take part in crazy challenges though the audio guide in a public art gallery. Unsuspecting contestants might even find themselves chatting to Crumpet the talking dog who is always ready to strike up a conversation with startled shoppers before hitting them with a series of tricky questions.