The Philippines’ highest rating daytime drama A Woman Scorned comes to an exciting end. For more than a year, the ultimate fight between wife and mistress has no doubt won the nation over with consistent ratings that beat every competition.


A Woman Scorned is truly a phenomenal hit, earning ratings as high as primetime programs get. It eventually displaced more popular variety programs that used to rule during daytime. It also made history as the first and only drama series to air an additional episode during weekends due to fans clamoring for more.


The episodes leading to the finale had big revelations that made viewers more hooked. Rome’s memory eventually returns, and leaves Georgia to reunite with his wife, Emma. Georgia’s sister, Geneva turns against her and reveals that Emma is Sydney’s real mother. With the help of the police, they are able to catch Georgia and put her to jail. Emma is finally able to reclaim her family, with Rome and Sydney back with her. Rome then proposes to Emma so they can get married again. But Georgia will not let Emma get her happy ending. Georgia fakes her death so she can escape prison. Right before the wedding, Georgia kidnaps Emma, tortures her and intends to kill her. Will Rome be able to save Emma?