Anil Nihalani
Anil Nihalani, Head of Connected Media, Mediacorp

How has Toggle evolved over time?

A lot of changes and enhancements have taken place. We’ve improved our content offerings significantly. What started off as a catch-up TV is providing Live coverage of major sports events today. Last year, we broadcasted the SEA Games and now, we are able to bring the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament to soccer fans. We’re enabling soccer fans to catch the matches Live on a multitude of devices with a direct subscription without first having to subscribe to other services. Viewers expect us to deliver the content that they want to view through their preferred platforms. Four Toggle channels will also broadcast the Olympic Games Live. These are available for free, as long as the user has a broadband connection.

We’re now creating Toggle originals and 11 new titles will soon emerge this year, half in English and the rest in Chinese. The range of genres include; comedy, thriller and drama, in both short form and long form. We’re doing a whole mix of offerings. Toggle’s original programmes are exclusive to our viewers only.

On the platform side, we’re improving the UI and have recently launched an Apple TV app, so if you’ve got the new generation of Apple TV, you can download the Toggle app and get access to the Toggle service within Apple TV. This is a fantastic improvement to the user interface and the navigation, assisting the content discovery, recommendations and so on. What we’ve done is to focus on personalisation and giving people the opportunity to personalise their experience with Toggle, and that practice will create greater stickiness.

We are delighted to bring the Toggle Red Button service to our consumers. The Toggle Red Button service brings together Live broadcast TV and Toggle’s vast catalogue of video-ondemand (VOD) services into a single seamless environment. Access by just pressing the red button on the TV remote control, users will gain direct access to Toggle’s vast library of programmes while watching Mediacorp’s free-to-air TV channels, all on one screen. In addition, users no longer need to use recording devices or set top boxes and remember to record their favourite shows – they can watch them on catch-up through the Toggle menu in the TV environment.

There has been a lot of development on the content space as well as the platform. The combined development is driving viewers – we got a significant growth in viewership over the last year.