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13 Nov 2019

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FOX+ takes on Asia 

With a commitment to satisfying curiosity and entertaining viewers with high-end programming, FOX Networks Groups
Asia has grown from the fl agship channels it once launched to a leading Asia-Pacifi c programmer whose portfolio of
content reaches thousands of cumulative subscribers around the region. As its President, Zubin Gandevia tells K. Dass,
“FOX has now extended its play and gone deeper at the individual level with FOX+, offering consumers content at their
own convenience.”

Unique Drama is a Key Selling Point 

Globally, every TV outlet, digital or otherwise, is looking for the next big drama. And audience demand for engaging,
quality scripted programming has never been so high.
Mediacorp’s programming is in demand abroad but who is buying and where is the market heading? K. Dass checks with
Suzie Wang, Head of Content Distribution, Mediacorp Studios about how they are serving the rising appetite for drama
series across the region.