DocuBay, the premium membership video-on-demand streaming service by IN10 Media Network, signed a global acquisition deal with US-based Big Media, a leading independent content production and distribution studio. 
The acquired documentary films launch DocuBay’s latest category or ‘Bay’ called TechBay, which deals with a broad range of technological advancements including the fascinating and very topical issues of artificial intelligence, space technology, and cutting-edge medical developments, among others.
The licensed titles and new TechBay category are now available for global streaming on DocuBay (along with the recently announced CrimeBay) in 180+ countries, with the app available on platforms such as the App Store, Google Play, Fire TV, MiTV, and Apple TV, among others. 
Notable titles acquired includes:
Germ Warfare: The Battle Against Superbugs analyzes how science is fighting the rapidly emerging threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs; 
A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Creating the Code for Consciousness questions whether AI can be taught the complexities of human behavioral norms;
Life Beyond Earth looks at the possibility of life evolving in the oceans of distant worlds including places within our own solar system;
-The Next Great Extinction Event explores whether Earth is headed for another mass extinction because of human interference.