Leading content company Kew Media Distribution has secured the international rights to the epic new documentary, Superbug – the latest project from the Emmy award-winning producer and director of Leaving Neverland fame, Dan Reed.


Superbug (1 x 110-120’), an AMOS Pictures production for HBO and BBC Two, tells the important story of how humanity gained a wonder cure – antibiotics –  the guarantor of modern medicine, and now has almost lost it. This cinematic hybrid documentary and scripted film will unravel the story of how this happened and what it means for the future humankind. There’s no single “thing” that we can say “if we fix this, we’re good”. Instead, many interconnected things shape the Superbug story. The film will take audiences on a journey that connects the past, the present and the future, dazzling with drama, pathos, excitement, emotion and illumination.


The scripted scenes will sit right alongside the documentary material and will offer the opportunity for Hollywood talent to be involved with the project  with all the publicity this will bring to the issue.  It is anticipated that Superbug will raise awareness and inspire action for change that just might save humanity.