SEOUL – CJ ENM has unveiled its winter 2018 lineup packed with dramas, variety shows, and renewals of famous hits including New Journey to the WestCafé Amor and more. CJ ENM’s flagship channel tvN’s lineup is as follows.


Variety Shows


You Quiz On the Block (11X70’)

Korea’s most wanted top entertainer Yoo Jae-seok teams up with Jo Se-ho, a comedian, to do a street quiz talk show. The duo walks around the cities in Seoul to meet with random people on the street for a five-question quiz. Winner will be gifted with a pleasant cash reward on the site. With a familiar background and stories of ordinary people, the show achieved a peak viewership rate of 2.7% at its first episode (Nielsen Korea).


New Journey to the West: Season 5 (11X70’)

An original series produced by Na Young-seok, New Journey to the West is a travel reality show where six celebrities must finish tasks in order to have their wishes granted. In this fifth episode, P.O, a member of K-pop idol group Block B newly joins the original crew to replace Kyuhyun, who is currently serving in the military. The travels are based on the old Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’.


Café Amor: fall/winter season

Dating reality series, Café Amor is back with new love stories in this season. Celebrities set up a café to serve people who have reserved for a blind date. Each day, four couples will be randomly matched and celebrities will share their dating tips and make romantic moods for the successful date.




100 Days My Prince (16X60’)

100 Days My Prince is a historical romantic drama of a missing prince, Lee Yool who loses his memory after an attack during a royal ceremony. The prince wakes up as a low class boy to meet a smart and bright girl, Hong-sim. Hong-sim is forced to marry Lee Yool but his lost memories as a prince slowly recover. Well known K-pop group EXO’s member D.O and Nam Ji-hyun are set to lead the new romantic comedy drama.


The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (16X60’)

A mystery romantic drama, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is a remake of popular Japanese drama aired on Fuji TV in 2002. It is about a handsome brewer named Moo-young and a warm hearted woman named Jin-gang, who happened to share similar scars. They strangely fall for each other while her brother Jin-guk, a police officer, tries to separate the two believing that Moo-young is a murder suspect.


Room No.9 (16X60’)

Room No.9 is a revenge story about a convicted criminal, Jang Hwa-sa, who is sentenced to death, waking up to find out her body being swapped with her lawyer, Eulji He-yi. By using He-yi’s body, Hwa-sa tries to find the truth of her imprisonment before going back to her original body. Starring Kim hee-sun, Kim Hae-sook and Kim Young-kwang, Room No.9 will premiere on tvN beginning October after Mr. Sunshine.


CJ ENM officials said: “For upcoming season, we expanded the volume of contents by releasing new and returning series and also creating new drama block on Friday night at 11pm. We hope our global audience will enjoy diverse array of contents.”