BEIJING/NEW YORK – China International Television Corporation (CITVC) has secured a license deal with Netflix for the top-rated Chinese romantic drama Here to Heart for worldwide distribution.


The news was announced by Jianing Shen, Executive Vice President of CITVC & General Manager of China Radio, Film, & Television Programs Exchanging Center (CHNPEC). Here To Heart premiered in China on Hunan Satellite Television in April of this year.


Adapted to screen from the novel of the same name, Here to Heart follows the dramatic love story between Zhan Nanxian and Wen Nuan who find themselves entangled in each other’s lives again after a ten-year separation. These former lovers struggle to overcome resentment, rebuild trust, and perhaps rekindle a love long past.


The show stars the leading actors Hans Zhang (With the View of Meteor Shower, Wolf Warriors 2), and Janine Chang (Best Time, Military Alliance).


Since 2016, CITVC has secured distribution deals with Netflix totalling over 200 hours for a variety of Chinese TV series including The Legend of Bruce Lee, King’s War, Qin Empire II, and Diamond Lover.


“We have built a strong cooperation with our partners at Netflix to deliver outstanding Chinese programming to global audiences, including the wonderful Here to Heart series” said Jianing Shen. “CITVC programs are now broadcast in multiple languages in over 100 countries, and it is our mission to share much more incredible Chinese content with the international community.”