Singapore – The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) was officially launched following the restructuring of the Info-communications Development Authority (IDA) and the Media Development Authority (MDA). Speaking at the official launch event at Infinite Studios, Minister for Communications and Information Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim announced IMDA’s strategies to spearhead Singapore’s transition into a digital future by helping businesses, workers and the community to harness the opportunities from Infocomm Media (ICM) convergence and technological change.

These strategies include developing a strong ICM sector to power and transform our economy; building an environment of trust through regulations; and improving Singaporeans’ lives through ICM. The new IMDA logo, signifying the abundant opportunities in the ICM sector, was also unveiled at the event. IMDA will roll out plans to help businesses take advantage of ICM and technology to grow. Urban logistics solutions can reduce the number of trucks on the road, cut delivery manpower, and reduce in-waiting and queuing time for deliveries. An initiative together with SPRING and CapitaLand Mall Trust Management Limited will see delivery schedules coordinated to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading of goods at malls.

IMDA will also launch the Smart Facility management (Smart FM) initiative, which will help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) service providers from the cleaning, security guarding, landscaping and maintenance sectors to incorporate smart technology such as sensors, data and analytics and autonomous system for facility management in commercial, retail and industrial buildings. IMDA is partnering Starmall to deploy Smart FM at Jurong Point to increase productivity with smart tech as an enabler. IMDA is also exploring launching similar trials with AsiaMalls Management. This initiative is supported by IMDA’s Enhanced iSPRINT programme which helps SMEs employ technology solutions in solving sector-wide challenges.

IMDA is collaborating with local media company Beach House Pictures to bring classrooms to life, by taking students on immersive and interactive virtual journeys for the learning of Social Studies. The use of VR exemplifies how the convergence of media content and technology can enhance learning experiences, and open up new business opportunities for local firms to leverage new ICM technologies to climb the value chain. IMDA will also explore the use of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) in medical training, which will allow healthcare professionals to be trained in life-saving skills and procedures in a risk-free environment. To achieve this goal, IMDA will be partnering Side Effects Pte Ltd and other digital media and tech companies.