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22 Feb 2020

Tag: VR


A Virtual Reality check for the TV industry 

Interest in virtual reality (VR) skyrocketed in 2016 with predictions of it being the first billion dollar year for this exciting technology. It is, therefore, not surprising that companies across every industry, especially those in the TV industry, are experimenting with VR. The question now is, how can players in the TV industry go beyond the hype and capture the growth opportunities presented by VR? By Stéphane Le Dreau, General Manager, South East Asia, NAGRA.

‘Think global, act local’ 

Keshet Media Group is the media conglomerate that encompasses Keshet Broadcasting, producing hours upon hours of programming for one of Israel’s biggest networks, Channel 2 as well as licensing it to numerous international VOD and linear outlets. Keshet Broadcasting has consistently dominated ratings and market share, with daily TV reaching 70% of households and an average prime time share of 38%.
Beyond Israel, however, Keshet’s international presence is expanding with a successful global acquisition, distribution and production arm, Keshet International (KI). Alon Shtruzman sits at the helm of the mega-content-creation and distribution factory, seeking opportunity for content to start life outside of Israel and is looking to expand KI’s portfolio in Asia. K. Dass reports.

Virtues of Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR) has become one of the hottest new mediums
in the market. The technology is poised to transform the
entertainment industry, including gaming and video, in the
coming years whilst offering the potential to quickly expand
into other markets such as education, industrial, healthcare
and more. VR Educate has taken the due diligence to explore
the impact that VR will have on the education and broadcast
landscape and the opportunities for the next generation of
storytellers to work within a new medium. VR Educate’s CEO
Lanny Huang explains.