Hollywood, CAReady Jet Go!, the hit animated space-themed PBS KIDS series from Wind Dancer Films will soon blast off to more markets around the globe, as international distributor CAKE has signed a number of new deals with broadcasters in key territories. These new partners will propel the out-of-this-world series to many more young space explorers and their families. The broadcast deals follow the recent announcement about production of season 2 of the popular show, which includes 24 episodes, an hour-long special and a collection of web games and mobile apps, set to begin rolling out in the U.S. in late 2017.


The new international broadcasters now counting down for Ready Jet Go! Includes,

ABC (Australia), BBC Kids (Canada), Knowledge Network (Canada), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), SIC Television (Portugal), POD Worldwide (Thailand) and E-Vision (United Arab Emirates).


Ready Jet Go! has quickly taken off with U.S. audiences, and we’re thrilled about the warm reception that CAKE has received for the series from the international broadcast community,” said Dete Meserve, Executive Producer of the series and Principal of Wind Dancer Films. “Our mission with Ready Jet Go! is to encourage young viewers to engage in science in ways that spark their natural curiosity, broaden their horizons and deepen their connection to the universe. These new deals will extend all the rich learning opportunities of the series, along with its music-filled, action-packed fun, to young viewers all around the world.”