A Globo success, The Life We Lead has just been licensed to the open channel Abu Dhabi TV, whose signal is available in all Arab countries. The telenovela was chosen for its dramatic content, which is still of interest to buyers around the world. The moving story of sisters Ana and Manuela, who deal with tragedy and find paths that lead to happiness, has already been licensed to a hundred countries. Abu Dhabi TV will broadcast the story throughout the Middle East and North Africa, with Arabic dubbing. This is the first time the channel has licensed a Globo telenovela.

Filmed in HD, with careful photography, and beautiful sceneries in Brazil and Argentina, The Life We Lead first showed its potential to win audiences in Brazil. When broadcast in Access primetime, the plot reached an impressive average of 24 points and a 52% share. In Uruguay (Teledoce), Costa Rica (Teletica), and Ecuador (Ecuavisa), the telenovela was leader in its time slot. Europe also surrendered to this beautiful production. In Portugal, on Globo’s basic channel, the plot was one of the most watched programmes on cable TV in the country.

The telenovela also had its broadcasting rights acquired by Fox Network (Netherlands), MundoFox (US Hispanic), TDM (Macao), VIVA Plus (Israel), among others.

The Life We Lead tells the story of Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos, Pages of Life), a promising tennis player who counts on the support of her best friend and sister Manuela (Marjorie Estiano, Empire). When she awakes after a tragic accident, Ana has to recover a life that went on without her, a life she no longer recognises as her own.