Seoul, Korea – CJ E&M announced that 20, Once Again! (重返20岁), a second film jointly produced with Chinese companies, has raked in 122.35 million yuan (19.75 million USD) at the box office, only four days after its opening on 8 January in nearly 5,500 screens across China. According to Enbase, a Chinese entertainment research site, the figure also surpasses the previous opening-week record held by CJ E&M-China film collaboration, A Wedding Invitation (2013, at 70.66 million yuan).’

Film industry insiders are carefully speculating that 20, Once Again! may even become the highest-grossing film among those jointly produced between Korea and China, by breaking the previous record of 200 million yuan (32.28 million USD) set by A Wedding Invitation a year and nine months ago.

20, Once Again! is a romantic comedy about a 70-year-old widow who accidentally gets transformed into her 20-year-old self and decides to chase her dream of becoming a singer while encountering unexpected love.