Petaling Jaya – Season 20 of Primeworks Studios’ flagship Islamic documentary series, Jejak Rasul, has been acquired by Kompas TV. The latest season of the Jejak Rasul series – entitled Rihlah 2 Daie – is slated for broadcast on the Indonesian television network during the Ramadhan period next year.

Rihlah 2 Daie presents a unique break from the Jejak Rasul tradition by documenting the story through the eyes of two viewers of the series. Ustaz Jalal and Cikgu Erin, who have repented from their wrong-doings, are passionate missionaries who join Jejak Rasul host Zainal Ariffin Ismail on a spiritual exploration across Jordan and Palestine.

Indonesian broadcaster Trans TV has also acquired Season 12 and Season 13 of the Jejak Rasul series in May. Both seasons are scheduled to premiere on Trans TV later this year. Jejak Rasul has been a staple in Primeworks Studios’ Ramadhan programming line-up since 1995. Starting with the journey to recount the life stories of the 25 Prophets in Islam in its first season, the series has since expanded to cover a myriad of spiritual topics each season, including Islamic history, arts and communities.

Primeworks Studios’ spiritual content has also been picked up by the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television. Documentary series Journey into Islamic Russia has been aired on Thailand’s Channel 5 beginning 10 July, as part of its Ramadhan line-up. The acquisition marks the first for Primeworks Studios by the Thai network since 2011. Journey into Islamic Russia provides insight into the surviving Islamic legacy in key parts of Russia, including Moscow and St Petersburg.

Jejak Rasul also made headway in Brunei when Season 19 of the series was acquired by Radio Television Brunei (RTB), marking the first acquisition of Primeworks Studios’ content by the Bruneian broadcaster since 2006. Besides Islamic content, the acquisition also included two of the production house’s drama productions, Dalam Setiap Sujud and Teduhan Kasih, which have been aired on RTB2 beginning 13 May and 26 June respectively.

The Islamic-themed documentaries acquired by the regional networks are a part of Primeworks Studios’ Islamic Asia offering, a section in the production house’s content catalogue that includes a compelling range of spiritual-themed programming. The acquisitions are in line with Primeworks Studios’ move in these recent years to actively market their content to international broadcasters.

Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, Ahmad Izham Omar, said, “With our defined focus set on tapping into the international content sales market in these recent years, we have been striving to ensure the highest quality of our productions possible. These acquisitions form a vital support of our international strategy. Creating Asian stories for the world remains our brand identity, and we support this branding by generating content that is quintessentially Asian but still possess a universal value that is easily relatable to a global audience.”

Jejak Rasul 20: Rihlah 2 Daie

15 x 30’

Two Jejak Rasul viewers, who became missionaries after repenting from their wrong-doings, are invited on a spiritual journey with presenter Zainal Ariffin Ismail in Jordan and Palestine for forty days.

Jejak Rasul 12: Nabi Muhammad

30 x 30’