Three-time Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Kim Wolhuter, has signed with ITV Studios Australia to make several blue chip wildlife documentaries.

Kim Wolhuter

Wolhuter grew up in the wilds of Africa, where his father, Henry, was head ranger at Kruger National Park. Wolhuter’s grandfather, Harry – the first ranger at Kruger – is a legend in southern Africa for being the only man ever to single-handedly kill an adult male lion with a knife, defending himself after it pulled him from his horse.

Managing Director of ITV Studios Australia, Anita Jacoby – who has a personal passion for wildlife – met Wolhuter by chance when she was holidaying in a Zimbabwe game park in January.

“We were the only tourists in the game park and over a few hours he told me the most fantastic stories of living for months on end with wild animals – from cheetah to hyena – with just his camera.”