To mark its 20th anniversary, Euronews is getting a fresh look with a complete reworking and redesign of its presentation.

The new look will help spotlight live coverage and breaking news. The on-screen readability of the channel’s programmes will also be improved through repeated colour codes which create visual indicators for viewers.

Also, an innovative world clock will now be displayed.

Euronews is taking advantage of the change to add a revolving clock showing the time in 65 of the world’s largest cities. The world clock, present on all of Euronews’ signals, is a global first for a news channel.

The Rendezvous programme, the cultural calendar of must-see events selected by Euronews, will also update its on-air look in order to be more lively and readable.

Also, among the first in the news industry, the Twitter accounts of Euronews journalists and correspondents will display on-air, as they speak. This is more than just passive promotion: it aims to create a real link between the audience and the “faces” of Euronews so that viewers can keep track of the news as the Euronews journalists experience it.

The new design is in the development stage and will be launched at the end of 2014 .

Euronews is the first European media to become available on Google Glass, in partnership with the start-up Watchup. The beta version of the app will be launched on Google Glass on 19 October 2013.  On the Watchup app, Euronews will be presented as part of a very selective line-up of international media.

The first Google Glass devices will be available to the public in the U.S. in 2014.

Euronews also joins Flipboard, the top social magazine in the world as a partner. Euronews publishes its news feeds in 10 languages on Flipboard, to the millions of readers of the world’s first social magazine.Flipboard allows people to create their own intuitively designed magazine which aggregates news and other content from major media sources and social networks.

The Euronews sections are presented under seven headings: “Top Stories”, “News”, “Business”, “Sci-Tech”, “Culture”, “Europe” and “No Comment”.

Euronews is available in 10 languages on Flipboard: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.
Euronews continues to develop its “Euronews” and “Euronews Express” apps for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets and has just announced two new agreements signed with BlackBerry and Nokia.

The “Euronews” app:

In addition to offering videos with the latest international, business, culture and science news, the app allows viewers to watch Euronews live and see magazines from the editorial team on demand.

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