Q: How did the idea for a lifestyle channel for men come about?

A: We looked into the market and we worked closely with Mei Ah (Mei Ah Entertainment) on the development of content. We feel that there does not appear to be a channel that targets specifically men’s lifestyle. Mei Ah actually showed a reel during FILMART just a month ago to test the market, and we are very positive in moving forward to do a soft launch of a channel that will come in the next three months. A working title would be LSTV, which means LifeStyle TV. Purposely, it would be targeted at men from ages 16 to 38. On the channel, male viewers can get advice on fashion, travel and general lifestyle topics.

Q: Who would be the main provider(s) of content?

A: We are now working with five major suppliers. CJ E&M, Venevision, Mei Ah plus we are currently in discussion to acquire content from two of the largest content providers from the U.S. (to be announced). These are direct acquisitions for now but we have co-productions planned in Thailand, Korea as well as Hong Kong. We are so happy to have so many proposals being discussed with CJ E&M as well as some production partners in Thailand.

Q: This would be different from the Playboy brand?