Announcing the MOU at MIPCOM’s Singapore Pavilion are Yeo Chun Cheng, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director of Broadcast, Animation, Film and Music (BAFM) for MDA (leftmost); Nigel Pickard, CEO, Zodiak MEAA (second from left), and Jeremy Hall, Executive Producer, One Animation (rightmost).

The Foundation, Zodiak Kids’ production company, and Singapore-based animation production studio One Animation have inked a memorandum of agreement (MOU) regarding the development of three children’s animated TV programmes starting late this year.

In an interview with TV Asia Plus during the announcement at MIPCOM 2012, Nigel Pickard, CEO of Zodiak MEAA/UK Kids said the first thing that his company looks for in a partnership is whether or not they are sharing a common aim creatively and if the quality of work is good. “We’ve been discussing with One Animation for a few months now, and we love their style and we love their work, and they are people that we know we are going to get on with,” he said.