Leading independent distributor all3media International has secured a new deal with acclaimed producer Blackfella Films. The agreement will see all3media International managing worldwide sales of the Australian producer’s award-winning contemporary political thriller Total Control. Keshet International maintains tape and format rights to Series 1 in North America.

Winner of the Diversify TV Excellence Award (Race and Ethnicity) at MIPCOM 2020, Total Control was recently recommissioned for a new second season by ABC Australia. The first series had its worldwide premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2019 and was screened at Berlinale – and is due to play at a further German festival, Seriencamp, this Fall. The drama debuted on ABC in October 2019.

Total Control is co-created by and stars Academy Award nominee Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Hilary and Jackie) alongside Deborah Mailman (Mystery Road) – and both were winners of AACTA Awards for their roles in the first series.

The new season (season 2), currently in development by Blackfella Films with plans to shoot early in 2021, will continue the compelling story of Alex Irving (Mailman), a charismatic and contradictory Indigenous woman catapulted into government as part of a cynical power play.

Maartje Horchner, EVP Content at all3media International, said, “We’re excited to partner with Blackfella Films on Total Control – and congratulate Darren, Rachel, and the team on their recent MIPCOM award. This intelligent contemporary drama plays into the timely, global issue of black and First Nation rights, as Alex’s journey to represent her Australian Indigenous community at the top level of politics becomes fraught with gameplay and complexity.”

Darren Dale, Managing Director/Producer at Blackfella Films, added, “Total Control features brilliant performances by Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths, combined with themes that are incredibly relevant to today’s global audience, as Alex’s passion, hope, and idealism meet the increasingly murky world of politics. We’d like to thank Keshet International for their tremendous work on setting up the show and are delighted to be able to take the series forward and continue Alex’s story with all3media International onboard as the international funding partner for series two.”

After a horrific event thrust Alex into the limelight in series one of Total Control, embattled Prime Minister Rachel Anderson (Griffiths) saw a political goldmine for her party, handpicking Alex for the Senate. But Alex wanted to be more than just a political stunt; she wanted to make a difference. When the Prime Minister betrayed her, she set out for revenge, sending the Establishment into meltdown.

In the second season, the stories of Alex and Rachel will continue to weave around each other. As the world becomes ever more polarised, Alex’s passionate determination to make things better for her people appears doomed to failure. The pressure on Alex intensifies as she returns to Canberra with an unlikely ally by her side. Realising that what she wants is only possible through power, Alex is faced with a choice between her own integrity and her increasingly desperate and dangerous ambition.

The first series of Total Control was directed by Rachel Perkins and produced by Darren Dale and Miranda Dear.