Grabyo supported Singapore’s national media network Mediacorp in providing Singaporean voters access to unparalleled real-time coverage of the Singapore General Election 2020 across its multiple platforms, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This was made possible with Grabyo’s leading browser-based cloud platform which allowed Mediacorp to produce and deliver live election broadcasts and real-time news clips across its digital, social and mobile channels, which supplemented its linear television coverage, to ensure that Singapore’s electorate was able to follow the election and access news and analysis across multiple platforms and devices. 

In this, not only was Grabyo able to support Mediacorp with the flexibility of remote production from various locations, effectively circumventing the strict social distancing regulations in places islandwide – such as having a skeleton crew reporting live onsite, while having digital producers manage and deliver digital broadcasts from basically anywhere with just a laptop; its Grabyo Studio also allowed greater efficiency with its live clipping and editing tool. Direct integrations with major digital and social platforms also meant publishers could easily deliver content in double-quick time. 

Another highlight was Grabyo’s advanced live streaming platform which Mediacorp leveraged for the Singapore Votes 2020 – The Political Debate show to stream it live on Facebook, YouTube and online, over almost half a million viewers. This capability also allowed Mediacorp to hold live social broadcasts and events throughout the entire election period, effectively engaging voters in safe online forums in place of physical rallies that were absent this GE2020. 

Elliot Renton, Senior Director and Head of APAC at Grabyo, commented: “Grabyo has enjoyed working closely with Mediacorp’s digital teams over a long term period. We were delighted to help them create holistic coverage of the election, allowing voters to access vital information on any platform or device they wanted to use. During the pandemic, the focus has been on keeping both those in the media industry and consumers safe while producing compelling political coverage for all demographics in Singapore. Moving forward, this type of coverage and cloud adoption will become commonplace across news broadcasting, as content consumption shifts to multiple digital platforms, with the same expectation of quality as TV. We look forward to working with Mediacorp to do more of the same.”

Diogo Martins, Lead, Mediacorp social media creative studio Bloomr.SG said: “Mediacorp takes pride in our ability to deliver timely and comprehensive content that our audiences have depended on over the years, especially for key national events like the general election. Grabyo’s cloud platform has helped us to perform our role as Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, and we look forward to continue working with them to deliver great content across our multiple platforms to our audiences.”