Keshet International (KI) heads to MIPCOM with a slate of new original formats, returning edge-of-seat dramas, factual and kids programming. Headlining the entertainment slate is Keshet’s summer ratings smash, Masters of Dance which garnered an average series share of 35%, with delayed and online viewing accounting for an increase of 36% (3.7M views on the MAKO web portal) – a second season has been commissioned.


In this epic battle of skill, style and talent, four renowned dance masters put their reputations and egos on the line to crown the country’s best dancer and be named the Master of Dance. It is joined by Domination, a prime time game show also recently launched on Keshet Broadcasting. The player in the studio tests their general knowledge, picking their battles against different groups from the rest of the country – from taxi drivers to tinder users. Meanwhile, players at home can test themselves against the contestant and the groups – as some 10% of viewers did in Israel using the show’s app.


Celebrity Showmance from Keshet UK – a high concept comedy entertainment show which shines a light on the public antics of celebrity couples, social media and fake news – is already building buzz in the  run up to its launch on ITV2 on 4 October. In this innovative show, celebrities are challenged to go to extreme lengths to imply they are in a new relationship with one another, all played out under the glare of social media. Little do the public know, their likes and shares make them the show’s unwitting judges. From true crime specialists Woodcut Media and Nanny Jo Productions comes the hard-hitting, taboo true crime series fronted by renowned child behavioural expert Jo Frost (Supernanny, Family Matters), Jo Frost on Killer KidsIt looks into the unsettling circumstances that can lead a child to kill.