Armoza Formats has announced the launch of Perfect 10, a new prime time dating reality format that takes 20 average-looking singles on a journey to transform their looks in order to find love. The new show is both developed and distributed by Armoza Formats.

Perfect 10 (10 x 60-120’) is the prime time format that taps into today’s dating scene where looks mean more than ever and everyone wants to become the best version of themselves! In this new dating reality show, 20 relatable, average looking singles are given the chance to find love. The twist – a top celebrity trainer will put them through intensive training to transform these “Average 7s” into “Perfect 10s”. 10 men and 10 women will move in together to a luxury villa for 10 weeks in hopes of finding the one. The harder they train, the more steamy dating perks are earned, creating drama and competition, both in and out of the gym. Each week, contestants will be voted off the show based on their progress – romantically and physically. At the finale, find out who will get their chance at a perfect ending.

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, “‘Perfect 10’ is a fresh take on the dating reality genre, which is about helping people reach their full potential. By allowing participants the chance to transform into the versions of themselves they wish to be, we will be able to see them go through this physical, psychological, and emotional journey, with a unique romantic twist. We believe that broadcasters will look to this combination of dating and fitness to tell the story of this generation.”