A genuinely Brazilian and fast-paced medical drama series portraying patient-doctor dramas in a substandard hospital in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, ‘Under Pressure’ premiered on Globo’s late prime time on Tuesday reaching the impressive mark of 44 million viewers. Five out of every 10 Brazilian households watching TV were tuned in to Globo. A co-production between Globo and Conspiração, the drama series uncovers the mishaps and intimate conflicts experienced by a medical staff facing the harsh reality of a chaotic environment, struggling to overcome adversity and the lack of resources to keep patients alive.

With around 75% of the scenes shot at a deactivated ward of a public hospital, the production takes on even greater depth. Series creator Jorge Furtado and his team of writers dove into Rio de Janeiro’s public health system to learn about real-life stories that inspired the episodes. In addition to this extensive on-site research, there were also meetings and talks with physician Marcio Maranhão, author of the book “Sob Pressão – A rotina de guerra de um médico brasileiro” (Under Pressure – a Brazilian doctor’s war routine, in a loose translation), which inspired the plot. Maranhão worked as an adviser in the production, ensuring a perfect match between the technical medical aspects and the actual drama.