LOS ANGELES, CA  – On the first day of the Kidscreen Summit, Mevelyn Noriega, President of Distribution, announced that the company has acquired the worldwide distribution rights from Cepia LLC, the innovative toy company behind the multi-billion dollar ZhuZhu Pets® brand, to Journey to Glo E, a 1 x 45’ movie about the magic of a child’s wishes and dreams. Splash Entertainment will be offering the animated adventure at this year’s Kidscreen Summit.

In Journey to Glo E, Lilly discovers her stuffed bear can come to life, and she embarks on a fantastical journey to the land of Glo E®, where imagination and adventure run wild. On a mission to save her little sister, Piper, from the villainous Gloeless, Lilly befriends the quirky Gloelins™, creatures who are not quite monsters, not quite pets, but always housebroken.  Together with her newfound Gloelin friends, Lilly learns that the power of imagination can save the day.