Keshet International’s family sitcom Your Family or Mine (local title: Το ΣÏŒι σου) launched on Alpha TV securing an average audience share of 36% (viewers aged 15 – 44) to become the most watched show of the evening in Greece. It has also become one of the highest-rated launches of 2014 across all networks.

The rating was equal to a 55.8% improvement on the channel’s average share for the slot and 126% higher than its nearest competitors, the local adaptation of Fox’s U.S. sitcom Modern Family and a Euro league soccer match.

ΣÏŒι σου is a series about families, addressed to families. That is, to everyone. The basic plot centres on the adventures of a married couple and the relatives that surround them – The many relatives, his family and her family. All of them, gathered around the Sunday table, invite viewers to watch funny and instantly recognisable situations, offering them laughter, feelings, quarrels, love, and a lot of food. They invite viewers to watch their own lives on TV, to laugh with the mishaps and to cry with the beautiful moments.