Armoza Format’s new prime time show The People’s Choice has reached its 4th deal of the market with Endemol Turkey.

The entertainment format was developed in partnership with TF1 France, and earlier this week was acquired by Germany’s Tresor TV Produktions, Italy’s Toro and Sweden’s Elk Productions.

The People’s Choice

The People’s Choice (60×90’) takes audience engagement to the next level and tests how well we know our nation by presenting viewers with the most trending, thought-provoking and entertaining dilemmas – week without showering or without their smart phone? World peace or $1 million? Once the nation has made its choice live, participants in the studio must guess what the entire country chose. And it’s open to everyone – not only can the whole nation play, but everyone who does also has the chance to win cash prizes. The digital online platform solution is being provided by industry leader Screenz.