Singapore – National Geographic Channels International’s (NGCI) announced the commission of the new seven-part series Beyond Magic with DMC, a co-production between Argonon’s Windfall Films and So Shoot Me TV. The mind-bending series follows magician Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) as he explores the history and science of illusion and overcomes unbeatable odds to illustrate captivating tricks on the streets of London, Barcelona, Mexico City, Paris and Singapore – and features a stunning death-defying escape stunt, filmed in front of a live audience. Beyond Magic with DMC will premiere on National Geographic Channel in 170 countries beginning this November.

Beyond Magic with DMC. Photo credit: National Geographic Channel.

Beyond Magic with DMC tells the story of our long fascination with illusions and magic – from ESP to levitation – as DMC masters mind-blowing stunts inspired by the minds of Houdini, Karl Zener and Uri Geller. In the special premiere episode, DMC tackles his personal fears to pull off the ultimate escape act – tethered by two nautical ropes to two giant lorry engines. He must free himself from handcuffs before the ropes binding him to the vehicles go tight and run out of length. Previously featured in NGCI’s hit special Card Shark, DMC returns to introduce viewers to a remarkable art form that never ceases to amaze and stun.

Beyond Magic with DMC. Photo credit: National Geographic Channel.

“DMC has an incredible flair for magic that is dazzling to the senses. His mastery of illusion has fascinated our audiences and we’re thrilled to bring him back with a new series in the line-up,” said Hamish Mykura, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content for NGCI.

Executive Producer for So Shoot Me TV, Mark Leslie added, “Working with DMC to create this series has been an unforgettable experience. Over ten months we’ve filmed around the world, exploring magic in all its forms and astonishing people with incredible tricks, stunts and illusions – the viewers of National Geographic Channel are in for a jaw-dropping treat.”

Beyond Magic with DMC. Photo credit: National Geographic Channel.

Beyond Magic with DMC

Premieres Wednesday, November 19 @ 10pm

National Geographic Channel

SingTel mio TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411