Lyon, France – Euronews is continuing its quest of keeping people up-to-date with the news by all means possible, at anytime and anywhere. Now, passengers on six major airlines can watch a range of programmes live or by VOD, produced by Euronews’ international teams.

Euronews LIVE on Qatar Airways, British Airways and Kenya Airways

Passengers of Qatar Airways, British Airways and Kenya Airways can watch international news and the latest headline stories from the Euronews teams, live, in the language of their choice, on all long-haul flights equipped with the Panasonic Avionics system.

Euronews by VOD on El-Al, Aer Lingus and Saudia

The science and culture magazines produced by Euronews are available on board flights of the Israeli national airline, El-Al. Passengers can learn while enjoying episodes of the “Science”, “Space”, “Futuris” and “Le Mag” programmes available in English and in Russian.