Tel Aviv/Cannes – As MIPTV kicks off, Armoza has announced four new deals for their new launches. FremantleMedia France have picked up Armoza Formats’ new fashion format Runway in my Closet while France’s Made in PM has acquired the rights to scripted drama The Killer Inside. An undisclosed party in France has taken the new daily stripped format The Final Cut-Down and Thailand’s Kantana Group Public Company Limited has also secured the rights to prime time studio entertainment format I Can Do That!.

Runway in my Closet (60′) is the daily stripped show that brings a new twist to fashion. Both men and women alike know the feeling of staring at a full closet and yet still having nothing to wear. What if there was a way to turn your fashion disasters into fashion sensations? In Runway in my Closet, each week three upcoming designers are challenged to turn shabby and worn items into chic outfits, competing against each other and putting their design skills to the test. Taking regular people as models and using old clothes from their “model’s” closet, they must create three different looks within a limited time and budget to win the grand prize. Developed in partnership with VIASAT3, Hungary, the show is set to air on TV3 in April.

Runway in my Closet

The Killer Inside (10 x 60′) is a psychological thriller that follows an interrogation specialist and her team as they delve into three suspects’ psychological truth in each episode. Investigating the world of crime from a new and unprecedentedly realistic perspective, she will solve the murders in her own, unpredictable way. As she builds a relationship of trust with suspects, she uncovers their lies and gets them to confess — all from the interrogation room. The Killer Inside is TVA’s new flagship drama, distributed by Armoza as part of their new collaboration deal, and portrays the rich, complex world of the interrogation room, with its constant mix of suspense and emotions, using a unique and intriguing fly-on-the-wall method. The Killer Inside is available both as a format and a ready-made.

The Killer Inside

The Final Cut-Down (30′) is the daily stripped styling format that will blow you away! Each week, five hairdressers compete to make the final cut, and in every episode, one of them will share their best hair styling advice, tips and tricks while working to transform a lucky passer-by in just three hours. With their rivals choosing who they must transform, which hairdresser will be the highlight of the week and which will be completely cut out? Over 80 episodes have already aired on TV Barrandov, Czech Republic, doubling the timeslot’s ratings and increasing share by 50%.