Luxembourg  –  SES announced that a renewal of its contract with Sony Entertainment Television (SET) Asia has been signed. The new agreement will enable SET Asia to serve its subscribers in the UK and Ireland at SES’ prime orbital arc of 28.2/ 28.5 degrees East, as well as distribute its platform to affiliates across Europe. 

SES serves almost 13 million satellite households across the UK and Ireland from its constellation of four satellites positioned at the orbital arc of 28.2/ 28.5. The company is in the process of a full fleet renewal at the prime orbital location: ASTRA 2F was launched September 2012 while ASTRA 2E has just launched successfully on September 30, 2013. ASTRA 2G will launch in Q1 2014. 

SES’ Chief Commercial Officer, Ferdinand Kayser, commented, “We are delighted that SET Asia has chosen SES to continue to deliver their premium service at the orbital arc of 28.2/ 28.5 degrees East. This long-term partnership shows SET Asia’s confidence in our ability to provide leading edge technologies that will ensure seamless delivery of their service to subscribers.” 

“Our prime service, SET Asia, has been on ASTRA satellites since 1999,” said Neeraj Arora, Executive Vice President of SET Asia. “We have found the reliability and coverage offered by SES to be exemplary and we are very pleased to have renewed our contract.”