Q: Could you share with us about LiTV’s latest PAX (Pan Asia-Pacific Cross Media Survey) results?
We’ve got the latest results, Q3 2012. In comparison with the previous quarter – in the lifestyle space, we are one of the top growing channels. Singapore and Malaysia are our top markets in terms of growth. At the end of the day, our brand positioning is that we go for quality viewers. The results solidify what we have set out to do.

 Now with technology in the forefront, everybody is utilising their smart phones and tablets. Now, it’s the multi-screen platform, which we are also leveraging as our viewers are very savvy. You have to be at the forefront of everything – whatever that is trendy at the moment, which is what we have always set out to do.

We rank high with high-spending consumers, which is very lucrative for the advertisers and sponsors. In terms of home ownership and car ownership, we are also one of the top channels.

AC: Regionally, in Malaysia, we have almost 100% of viewers who own cars – which is very rare. 60% of people own their own properties. 60% of people own the latest home appliances and equipment together with 60% of luxury watches.

Before, many lifestyle brands that we talk to such as BMW or Mercedes spent on news channels. They thought that they were targeting only the people who have money. Now, they are targeting people who actually have the energy to go out, buy, and think.


Q: Beyond PAX, are you tracking the profile of consumers?
Yes, as well as the brands that we work with.

JF: Also, their consumption habits are of interest. Of the five pillars on LiTV (Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style), we want to know how these stack in terms of priority. Going on a vacation is one of our key (pillars). Dining is part of travelling as well and that falls nicely into the whole realm of travel. That ties back to the usage of smart gadgets as well as the smart phones.

To be honest, close to 80% of our viewers own a smart phone and are always on the go. They have a laptop, tablet and etc, which we are trying to leverage when it comes to our content as well as our partnerships – regardless of whether it’s on-ground or further.


Q: It seems that you have the profile that you are targeting?
Absolutely. We are one of the top channels on Astro in terms of advertisers. Being a part of (Malaysia’s) Star Media Group, we are accessible to a lot of clients, but they need to know that we are worth it for them to advertise with us. For Maybank, we have done a campaign and they were so happy with it. We go all the way to create a 360 degree experience for our clients. We brought in something very unique to fit the goals of clients. We also create highly customised packages for them.


Q: How has it worked so far with tourism boards?
Fantastic. Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board came to us and said, “We want to promote Malaysia’s lifestyle (pursuits),” because Malaysia has always been seen as very forested and has natural beauty. So we created a campaign called My List.

JF: These were two campaigns. The first one was My List and the second one was My Style.

AC: My List is a 2×8’ TVC campaign. We get celebrities to introduce the latest tourist “hot spots” in Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia came back and wanted to do something else. They wanted to push duty-free shopping because they recently eliminated duty on 300 over types of goods and many people do not know about it. We created this interesting concept of having a Hong Kong supermodel shopaholic (Mandy Lieu) go to Malaysia (to shop), accompanied by host Jason Godfrey. Simultaneously, we are also doing a three-episode branded show revolving around family shopping, male shopping, and female shopping. Currently, we’re coming up with ideas for another campaign.

JF: To be perfectly honest, LiTV is the only channel that fills the general lifestyle proposition at this point in time. Today, we have carved out a niche for ourselves.

AC: In the competitive analysis every week across the lifestyle channels, it’s always been about food, but ours has a good mix every day. We have great shows like Jillian Michaels first thing in the morning.  We want the full range as it suits Asians better.

JF: We want to do it in an entertaining manner as well. Infotainment is the key word when it comes to content. It’s entertaining but at the same time, you will learn something from it. The reason why The Doctors – one of our top-rated shows – is so popular is because a lot of the medical topics discussed during the show are very easy to understand, and they have a panel of four doctors who are specialists in their own right. One is an ER surgeon; another is a paediatrician, while the others are an OB/GYN and a plastic surgeon. Asians are sometimes very shy and there are certain medical issues or ailments that they might not want to share with their doctor. This show creates that platform for them to be acknowledged.

AC: The Doctors is actually one of the best-rated shows across the region. We picked it up and Juliana’s team is running major campaigns in Malaysia right now.

JF: There are various touch points that we’re looking at. One is on-air. We have produced ten 30-seconds clips. They are aired on our channel as well as other channels on Astro. They’re snap bites of information. For The Doctors, we have the regional exclusive rights from CBS. We’re airing Season 4 right now. Factoids from the show are complementary to the series. New episodes are aired on Mondays at 9PM, with a repeat telecast on Sundays at 11PM. In between, we also have the 30-seconds factoids. It serves as a tune-in reminder. At the same time, it gives out short tips. These are cut from the show itself.

AC: We give opportunities to our advertisers to tag on (to the factoids) as well.

The Doctors S4

JF: This year, we are pushing Facebook in a big way because that’s a medium that can give us real updates from our viewers. We have actually created and dedicated a Facebook page for The Doctors as well. We want to create a new fitness concept (on-ground) but we’re still working on it. It’s much like a buffet where you get to sample different workout regimes. We want to encourage people to start exercising and be active. What we are trying to do is to encourage people – on the weekends, to come out and start working out for an hour. You get to sample different kinds of exercises! It’s a good social and networking opportunity as well.


Q: How are you rolling it in with social media?   
For an example, what we’re going to do is that the schedule of these on-ground classes will be uploaded on Facebook. We want to give the audience a chance to also determine what sort of classes will be provided. We will run a class based on popularity. The activity that has the highest votes will then be featured or made happen. Anything that we provide on-air and online, we would want to make it happen on-ground. It’s an extension. When we talk about one concept, we would want to roll it out regionally to make it relevant to the audience.