Endemol has acquired the international format rights to Armoza’s game show format The Common Denominator (40 x 30’). The independent production company will draw on its network of production companies to produce local versions of the show in major territories around the world.

The series will debut in the UK beginning February 18, on Channel 4 with a 40 episode run produced by Endemol UK. The format was originally devised by Roy Even-Tov and Omri Even-Tov, in partnership with Armoza Formats, and was sold to Channel 4 by the Israeli format company.

The aim on The Common Denominator is to find the shared connection between two seemingly random things. Players must outwit their opponents with a combination of clever associative thinking and exceptional general knowledge, based on the idea that it’s not only about what you know, but the way you think. Only one contestant can face the high tension end game and play to win a serious cash prize.