BBC Advertising reveals the truth about ‘millennials’

BBC Advertising explains why brands need to rethink their approach to this much-coveted generation.

BBC BBC Advertising Brands Millenials report


BBC Advertising published an in-depth report into ‘millennials’, focused on dispelling the misconceptions surrounding this highly sought after generation and making it easier for advertisers to target the most attractive and commercially receptive segment within that group. The report titled ‘Reaching Affluent Millennials’ will offer advertisers a deeper insight into the difference between ‘affluent’ and ‘non-affluent’ millennials and identifies the most valuable segment, The Supercharged.

Millennials have long been considered the most influential generation by marketers, the arbiters of all things innovative, cool and current. However, the research shows that the vast majority (84%) of the 943 million millennials worldwide are not so dissimilar in their beliefs to older generations. It is only the affluent millennial subset (16%) who represents the unique characteristics often applied to millennials as a whole.

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