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11 Dec 2019

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Reforms in the factual world 

Wildlife documentary experts believe the usual storytelling style needs a remake to attract the younger audiences. While the style may have been staid for a long time, wildlife filmmakers have often been the pace setters in technological advancement. They were probably the first to have shot in 3D and 4K before the other genres picked it. K.Dass reports.

The Rise of Asian Television 

The booming Asian entertainment content market shouldered some of the top influential leaders in TV, film and digital media while providing a quality platform for convergence within the media players in the content and broadcast industry. Thanussha Priyah reports.

Changing Landscape 

Impact of smart devices Chinese Internet TV platform LeEco (formerly known as LeTv) has gained a strong position in the Hong Kong market by showcasing more than 10 channels and video-on-demand service through customised smartphone and smart TV devices. HKTV was considered the frontier in the television market three years ago when it launched the station through online platform.


Content Extravaganza 

On a macro level, the Hong Kong TV industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The separation from traditional to digital is widening, with competition becoming more intense than before. But at a micro level, interest in Western formats has subsided over the years, resulting in an increase in the popularity of Korean content and HK originals.

Asia’s Next Rising Star 

Israel’s ‘big brother’ of broadcasting, Keshet Media Group has made waves globally and now it’s ready to dominate Asia. On average, seven out of top 10 most watched shows in Israel are aired by Keshet Broadcasting. A master of many genres, some of its globally popular shows include Prisoners Of War, Boom!, The A Word, Rising Star, Master Class, and to Who’s On Top?


Cultural similarities between Europe and Asia might not
immediately spring to mind but it’s a curious aspect of
the global television trade that such differences don’t
always preclude co-production or programme sales.
Amanda Groom managing director of the Bridge delivers
a fast track to Asian advantage, delivering global digital
and traditional media access and implementation across
She has already successfully built and delivered innovative
Pan-Asian / UK / US global co-production models for
NGW, NGCI, DNI, Scripps Interactive Networks (including
Cooking Channel and Food Network, EMEA) and, in the
UK, with Channel 4 and S4C. K. Dass reports.