Viddsee is kicking off the month of June with an exclusive event on TikTok LIVE! Catch the profiles from the platform’s latest series, Letters To God 3 in a live session on TikTok where they will answer Q&As from the audience and even provide live readings with our TikTok creators on 3 – 6 June, 8:00 p.m. daily.

Meanwhile, loads of new films coming up this June. Don’t miss the following films:

TIKTOK LIVE : Letters To God 3
[3 June – 6 June]

In the latest season of Letters To God, follow the story of a modern witch, a paranormal investigator, a psychological astrologer, an amulet seller, and a metaphysician psychic. Now, you’ll be able to watch them do what they do best – LIVE.

Join filmmaker Eillen Chong on TikTok Live on the following dates and watch these individuals live in action:

3 June – Jeremy Tan, Psychological Astrology
4 June – Nara Singaram, Modern Witch
5 June – Eugene Tay, Paranormal Investigator
6 June – Amelia Kang, Metaphysician

I Failed
[5 episodes  x  7 mins]
Premieres Wednesday, 2 June

I Failed is a series that celebrates failure through the experiences of five individuals who have lived through it and emerged stronger on the other side. Each episode explores a different type of failure and how both personal and societal dimensions play a role in shaping what we view to be failure and how we react to it.

This series seeks to uncover the shroud of shame that hangs over the concept of failure and open the doors for greater conversation about how society defines success and treats those who do not live up to those definitions.

Audience Engagement
[5 episodes x  8 mins]
Premieres Wednesday, 16 June

In the last series of ‘Learn. Connect. Experience. @ Culture Academy’, we focus on audience engagement strategies for arts and culture organisations in the new normal. To find out more on engaging and sustaining interest among different audience segments, we speak with various practitioners and organisations on the work that is being done across the sector.

tuition viddsee
Still from ‘Tuition.’ Courtesy of Viddsee.

[10 mins]
Premieres Friday, 18 June 

Alan, a 13-year-old boy, attends a tuition class, being taught by a physically aggressive teacher, Beatrice. Trying to secretly record audio evidence of the abuse on his phone, we experience the class play out from his perspective.

Beatrice picks on Azirah, another student in the class who isn’t as good with her work as the rest, and we see how Alan tries to stand up for her only to be shot down, and have Beatrice set her sights on him instead. As the class progresses, so does her aggressive treatment towards the children. Alan is pushed to his limits when his attempt at recording the evidence doesn’t go as planned. Based on personal experience, ‘Tuition’ aims to not just engage but also provoke thought, long after the credits have rolled.

Coming Home 
[14 Mins]
Premieres Wednesday, 29 June 

Little Ah Soon is a five-year-old kid who shares the bedroom with his grandma in the HDB flat and his grandma often has to “rescue” him from different insects at home. After the grandma passes suddenly, he is visited by a cricket who is helping him to get in touch with his grandma who is hoping to see him and talk to him for a very last time. Through this adventure, Ah Soon, gets to travel to the “in-between” and realise how we are always connected to our family, past and present.

The 12th Man
[5 episodes x 7 mins]
Premieres Wednesday, 30 June 

The 12th Man explores the unique and captivating stories of five profiles of local football supporters in Singapore. While their support varies from one another, their passion and love for football unite them.