Firstlight Media and NPAW (Nice People At Work) are partnering to enable OTT and pay-TV providers to optimize content delivery networks (CDNs), reducing infrastructure costs, and increasing subscriber satisfaction.

The relationship combines the modularity of Firstlight Media’s ultra-scalable, cloud-native OTT platform and the power of NPAW’s flagship solution, YOUBORA, with its video analytics and business intelligence functions. The partnership is intended to drive improved network performance and quality of experience (QoE) for broadcast telco, OTT, and media customers.

The Firstlight Media platform is built on Gen 5 architecture and delivers step-changes in performance, flexibility, and scale. By integrating YOUBORA into its portfolio of best-of-breed partners, Firstlight Media can offer customers increased insights into available CDN options, as well as real-time switching among CDNs. YOUBORA provides advanced visibility of platform performance, audience behavior, advertising, and content efficiency in real-time to support informed, data-driven decisions. Additionally, YOUBORA benchmarks all major in-market CDNs based on predefined business rules and dynamically issues recommendations that can best help customers meet their overflow, billing, and infrastructure cost objectives.

“In today’s crowded OTT landscape, pushing quality up and costs down are crucial to business success,” said Mortiz LoewHead of North America at NPAW. “The flexibility and scalability of Firstlight Media’s cloud-native platform will help us expedite the availability of data-driven CDN and QoE optimization strategies that can improve bottom lines.” 

“As we continue to build an industry-leading portfolio of best-of-breed partners, our customers have placed great value on the ability to expedite CDN decisioning,” said Paul Pastor, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of Firstlight Media. “Our seamless integration of NPAW’s YOUBORA removes complexity from that process, automating CDN selection, and optimizing performance to allow the highest possible customer experiences in the most cost-effective manner.”