Viu, a leading pan-regional OTT video service from PCCW media group, presents its content slate for September that includes a diverse mix of Asian content across the genres of drama, romance, variety, fantasy, and comedy. A number of titles are premiering on Viu, namely: Alice, Lie After Lie, Zombie Detective, and Do You Like Brahms? Among the impressive line-up, Viu will also be unveiling its new Viu Original comedy series Star Stealer which was the winning concept at the Viu Pitching Forum 2019, an annual event that aims to facilitate and develop projects that Indonesian series makers pitch to film experts.

Korean dramas

The first show to look out for would be the highly anticipated sci-fi mystery drama Alice, which premiered exclusively on Viu on 29 August 2020, in some territories. Alice tells the story of Yoon Tae Yi (played by Kim Hee Sun), a genius physicist who holds the key to time travel, and Park Jin Kyum (played by Joo Won), a dispassionate detective who realises the existence of time travel while investigating an abnormal case. Park meets Yoon and together they unravel the secrets of time travel through a device called Alice. The series is directed by Baek Soo Chan, who also directed popular drama series Reunited Worlds, Beautiful Gong Shim, and The Girl Who Sees Scent.

The next show K-drama lovers can look forward to is Lie After Lie, which will debut exclusively on Viu on 5 September  2020. The series follows Ji Eun Soo (Lee Yoo Ri), a woman who appears to have it all after she marries into a super-rich chaebol family. However, she is framed for murdering her husband and sent to prison while pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl while still behind bars and has to give up the baby for adoption to Kang Ji Min (played by Yeon Jung Hoon), a kind-hearted, justice-loving journalist. Upon her release, she pretends to fall in love with Kang Ji Min in an attempt to reunite with her daughter. This series stars the award-winning Lee Yoo Ri, who won the Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards for her role in the popular drama Jang Bo Ri is Here, and the talented Yeon Jung Hoon who is best known for his roles in Vampire Prosecutor and 2 Days 1 Night.

Zombie Detective is another thrilling fantasy comedy, starring Choi Jin Hyuk who plays a handsome zombie in his second year of resurrection. He has lost his memory and is in pursuit of his past while doing his best to co-exist with humans. After incredible efforts to correct his inarticulate speech and awkward gait, he finds a new beginning as a detective. Park Ju Hyun plays an optimistic investigative journalist with tenacity and a strong sense of justice. When a witness of a case she is investigating is attacked by an unknown assailant, she leaves her job and ends up working for the zombie detective. The series will debut first on Viu on 13 September 2020. Choi, who often stars in suspense and crime thrillers, will be showcasing his first light-hearted role since his work on Devilish Joy in 2018.

Viu Original

Star Stealer, a 10-episode Indonesian Viu Original comedy series, will be released on September 30, 2020. Star Stealer was the winning concept at the Viu Pitching Forum 2019 in Indonesia, pitched by two young creatives Aaron Timothy Soeharto and Audry Dayes Wangko, who worked alongside award-winning director Andibachtiar Yusuf and other seasoned writers. This hilarious series revolves around the crazed celebrity culture in Indonesia and how a group of resourceful kids hustle and use their skills to stand up for the powerless, lending a crusade to their mischief and a redemptive arc to their story.

The series stars a young and talented cast, including Roy Sungkono, Totos Rasiti, Willem Bevers, Syafira Hadad, Clarine Clay, Claudy Putri, Shenina Cinnamon, and Dayu Wijanto.

Period romances

In select territories, Viu will also be debuting period melodrama The Romance of Tiger and Rose this September.

Courtesy of Viu

The Romance of Tiger and Rose is a classic Chinese romance drama where Chen Xiaoqian, a screenwriter gets sucked in and trapped in the script she was writing and wakes up as the third princess of Dongliang, a country ruled by a matriarch. In her original script, the role of the third princess is meant to be a side character who gets killed in the third episode, and so Chen fights to revise the play while living in it, eventually developing a relationship with Prince Han Shuo. This drama was one of China’s biggest web drama hits of the year, receiving extensive media coverage which paid tribute to its unique plot featuring mostly women as the central characters.

Comedic variety show

In addition to these riveting dramas is the Korean reality-variety show Six Sense, which will be available on Viu in selected territories from 4 September 2020. This variety show features a whole new concept with five cast members and one guest star each week. They will visit locations or people with unusual backgrounds and try to figure out which is the fake among the real by unleashing their “sixth sense”. Will their sixth sense be up to the task to uncover the truth? Stay tuned to watch Yoo Jae Suk, South Korea’s number one host, and his four hilarious friends in this fun-filled entertainment show! Lee Sang Yeob from Good Casting and Once Again will be the first guest.

Be sure to catch these and many more thrilling shows coming up this September on Viu!

Viu’ers can watch these series and movies on the Viu app which can be downloaded for free on App Store, Google Play, and selected smart TVs, as well as on the web.