Viu, a leading pan-regional OTT video service from PCCW Media Group, unveils its upcoming new and exciting Asian content for August. These shows include enthralling new drama series and movies with stunning casts, intriguing storylines, and production values, as well as some familiar but well-loved titles that will now be available for all Viu-ers to catch up on.

Captivating new Korean titles

The highly-anticipated suspense thriller, Flower of Evil, debuted first on Viu on July 30, 2020. The series stars Lee Joon Gi, who appears to be an ordinary family man but is actually psychopathic and has a past dotted with crime and violence. His hopeless life changes completely after he meets his wife, played by Moon Chae Won, who soon becomes doubtful and suspects him to be the culprit behind a murder. The series brings K-Drama fans the long-awaited reunion between Lee and Moon, who transition from professional partners on Criminal Minds to a married couple in Flower of Evil. It also stars IOI member Na Young, who debuted for the first time in an acting project.

Another exhilarating series Viu-ers can expect is SF8, a riveting movie-drama crossover that features eight standalone short sci-fi films which centres topics such as AI, augmented and virtual reality, and robots. Eight different producers were involved in filming the eight films, and each has a unique take on how to build suspense and excitement while also keeping the audience hooked on the storyline of each character. The star-studded cast includes famous artists such as Hani from EXID, Siwon from Super Junior, UEE from Afterschool, as well as many other familiar names such as Jang Yoo Sang, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Yoo Young, and David Lee. The series airs on Viu from August 17, 2020, with new episodes every Tuesday.

A Korean hit movie you can now look forward to catching on Viu this August is The Battle of Jangsari (2019), a South Korean action-war film that gained popularity with its impressive cast featuring stars Choi Min Ho, Kim Myung Min, and Megan Fox. It will be available on Viu from August 1, 2020, onward. The movie tells the true story of a group of 772 student soldiers who staged a small diversionary operation at Jangsari beach in Yeongdeok village to draw away North Korean attention from Incheon.

Award-winning Indonesian films

Viu has released two award-winning Indonesian movies, Merry Riana: Mimpi Sejuta Dolar on 30 July 2020, as well as Rudy Habibie on 31 July 2020.

Merry Riana stars Chelsea Islan, who uproots her life in Indonesia and flees to Singapore due to social unrest and tries to rebuild her life in a foreign land, while Rudy Habibie plays out the story of Rudy Habibie’s life leading up to his presidency. Both films are guaranteed to take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you follow the cast in facing their struggles and celebrating their wins.

Viu-ers can watch these series and movies on the Viu app which can be downloaded for free on App Store, Google Play, and selected smart TVs, as well as on the web at