The New York Times has just released a satirically biting sketch from Australia-based sketch team, Nice Shorts.


The sketch is one episode in the on-line series created by comedy writers Nick Boshier and Jazz Twemlow in partnership with Bunya Entertainment.


Produced by Nick Boshier, Jordana Johnson, Sophia Zachariou (Bunya Entertainment)  and Gillian Moody, Nice Shorts explores big topics through high quality sketches. The series not only explores these topics in a frenetic way, but executes them really, really well. Like… they’ve spent money on wigs and everything.


Ten episodes have been launched on-line to date on multiple social media platforms, with the content tapping into national and international conversations to create videos for weekly release via social platforms.


The New York Time has published the episode “A Cancelling! A Cancelling!”, a sketch which portrays the contemporary phenomenon of cancel culture as a muddy, miserable, medieval execution that escalates to absurdity.