Insight TV, the world’s leading broadcaster and producer of native 4K UHD adventure sports and lifestyle content, has joined forces with energy drink company Monster Energy to co-produce Jndia, The Fast Life, a documentary film featuring the incredible story of female drag-car racer Jndia Erbacher.The documentary, which premieres August 17 on Insight TV, is the latest in an ongoing production partnership with Monster Energy.


Originally from the Swiss city of Basel, Jndia is a stereotype-busting 24-year-old known as “the fastest woman in Switzerland.” In Jndia, The Fast Life, viewers ride along on her journey to fulfill her dream of becoming the fastest female drag-car racer in Europe, and ultimately the fastest in the world. Her car, a Nitromethane-fed dragster, can reach speeds over 300mph (480km/h) and cover a quarter of a mile of asphalt (0.4km) in seconds. Erbacher’s speed levels are so intense that it takes two parachutes to bring her car to a stop.


This is not the first time Monster and Insight TV have partnered on epic motorsports content. The two companies co-produced Road to Gymkhana Grid, following YouTube mega star Ken Block’s own yearly drift race event, and Morbidelli Rising, which chronicles the first racing season of Valentino Rossi’s now-famous apprentice Franco Morbidelli. Other Insight TV/Monster projects include the short film series on top athletes overcoming challenging obstacles to achieve stunning success in Born To, and Dangers of DarkFest, which documents the world’s best freestyle mountain bikers in an epic race on the southern tip of Africa.