CJ E&M HK, the regional office of Asia’s leading entertainment and merchandising company, CJ ENM, in Hong Kong, has started adapting and re-imagining award-winning Korean IPs from its mother company since 2016.

This year, CJ E&M HK is making a bold move to create its own IPs and tapping the China market by producing factual contents with a unique Asian touch. There are 8 original productions in the pipeline in 2019, ranging from CJ ENM IPs to locally originated IPs, tapping different cultures and inspirations from the region. The original productions helped CJ E&M HK more than double its sales revenue in 2018 from the previous year; and a robust growth for 2019 revenue is expected.

In 2019, CJ E&M HK is proud to announce two upcoming original IPs working hand-in-hand with China partners.

Firstly, a special 3-episode 60-minute series of Wok The World entitled “Unearthed Rice Story”, a co-production with China Intercontinental Communication Center (“CICC”). China Intercontinental Communication Center, established in Beijing in December 1993, is a comprehensive international cultural communication agency specialises in audiovisual programme production, communication and operation, as well as Internet new media. CICC has been partnering with some of the most influential broadcasters in the world to produce high quality factual programs with the objective to let the world see China.

Wok The World – Unearthed Rice Story is an international co-production project aiming to tell the stories of the Belt and Road initiative, which is launched by China to promote economic and cultural collaborations among nations along the Belt and Road routes.

CJ E&M HK and CICC will co-create IP targeting worldwide audience by tracing the footprints of rice along the Belt and Road routes from China to Malaysia, Thailand and finally Dubai. Other than featuring how rice is originated and produced, deeper cultural stories that connect multiple nations will unfold. Furthermore, the journey will be hosted by Michelin 3-star chef Alvin Leung together with his protégée, MasterChef Canada winner, Eric Chong who will create special dishes along this inspiring Rice Journey.