After a 6-year pause, Talpa’s worldwide phenomenon The Voice returns to Argentina. Telefe has started auditions all over Argentina for local artists who accept the challenge to show their talent for singing and become the new stars of music.


Telefe, Argentina’s number one open TV network, broadcasted the talent show with great success in 2012. The format will air later this year.


“We are the largest producer of high quality content for all segments in Argentina. This year, we have multiplied our power of development, production and distribution by becoming one of the main players of Latin American content for the whole world,” said Darío Turovelzky, SVP for Global Contents Telefe and Viacom International Media Networks.


“The Voice will make its return to Argentina 6 years after its first successful season. When it comes to choosing a format, we value originality and quality as well as creative and technical innovation,” he added.


First on air in The Netherlands in 2010, the record-breaking show is currently being watched on every continent, with local versions airing in over 180 territories. By frequently bringing fresh elements to the show, Talpa ensures its success and longevity.


The format is getting recommissioned in numerous countries all around the world and continues to score great ratings in all territories. In addition, all local versions currently on air perform above their channel’s slot average, effectively proving The Voice’s sustainable format.