SINGAPORE – Australian multiple award-winning children’s television edutainment series, Hi-5, has specially selected Singapore for their double reveal where the brand new cast will make their theatrical debut with a newly themed show, Hi-5 SUPERS, at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands.

HI-5 SUPERS features four brand new cast members – 19 year-old Bailey, 18 year-old Courtney, 24 year-old Joe, 18 year-old Shay and returning member Lachie, 19, who has been with Hi-5 since 2016. The five cast members are all multi-skilled with talent to sing, dance and act. Their addictive and youthful energy will translate to the dynamic new stage show promising Hi-5’s super brand of fun, packed with superheroes from every walk of life with plenty of Hi-5 hits and dancing along the way.

The story arc follows the beloved Chats, who grants Hi-5 their wish to be superheroes for a day in Hi-5 City. Lachie becomes Super Strong with a belt of power, Shay is Super Vision with the ability to see the other side of the universe and beyond with her super vision goggles, while supersonic hearing transforms Joe to Super Sound with his Super Headphones. Super-fast Courtney, in the hopes of being able to fly one day, becomes Super Fly, and Bailey, who is great at camouflaging and has the ability to be invisible, is Super Sneaker.

The Hi-5 Supers get invited to the Superhero Awards Night but are kept busy during the day with a series of impossible hilarious missions and obstacles to overcome. When they do finally reach the Awards ceremony, there is more drama ensues. During the day’s adventures, each superhero learns how to overcome their fears and achieve what they have most wished for.